A1M Pharma AB (publ) was formed in 2008 by researchers working at Lund University. Our drug candidate ROSgard™ is based on A1M (alpha-1-microglobulin), which is an endogenous protein that plays an important role in the body’s defence against oxidative stress. The main focus at present is on treatment of pre-eclampsia and acute kidney injury.

A1M Pharma has been listed on the stock exchange since 2013 and is listed on Nasdaq First North.

Key milestones

A1M Pharma has:

  • successfully produced a recombinant version of A1M – a first so-called development batch – in order to more accurately evaluate the potential therapeutic effects
  • developed a commercially applicable manufacturing process that has been scaled up from laboratory scale
  • conducted extensive preclinical trials with promising results in a number of animal models for pre-eclampsia and kidney injury
  • conducted supplementary studies in a human placental tissue model
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