In accordance with A1M Pharma’s articles of association, the Board of Directors shall consist of a minimum of three and a maximum of eight board members, with a maximum of three deputy board members. The company’s Board of Directors currently consists of four board members and one deputy board member. The registered office is in Lund Municipality. The board members are elected for the period until the end of the 2018 Annual General Meeting.

The Board of Directors of A1M Pharma AB

Anders Ermén
Anders Ermén
Chairman of the Board

Board member since November 2012.
Born: 1963
Education and experience: Anders Ermén is an economist and has more than 20 years’ experience from the music and media industry, both nationally and internationally. He also has extensive experience of taxation issues and contract negotiation.
Other assignments: Anders Ermén has run his own accounting, business development and management firm since 1996. Anders is chairman of the board at Enorama Pharma AB and a board member at Preelumina Diagnostics AB, Baulos Capital Belgium SA, and Ermén Produktion & Redovisning AB. He also owns Ermén Produktion & Redovisning AB and is a proprietor of Ermén Konsult Enskild Firma. Anders Ermén has represented the principal owner Baulos Capital Belgium SA on A1M Pharma’s board since 2012. In addition to his board role, Anders is also a consultant for the Company.
Previous assignments in the last five years: Former partner in Ermén & Sand HB.
Holding: 35 019 shares privately, through companies and related parties.
Christina Glad
Cristina Glad
Board member

Board member since November 2012.
Born: 1952
Education and experience: Cristina Glad has a PhD in Biochemistry and an Executive MBA. Cristina has more than 25 years’ experience in research and business development within biotechnology and pharmaceutical development, including antibodies for diagnostic and therapeutic use, development of production processes for antibody drugs, establishing contract production operations and development of antibody drugs, as well as experience of research and development projects with biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies, and in-licensing and out-licensing of projects. In her previous role as a CEO and a deputy CEO, Cristina participated in the development of BioInvent International AB from a technology platform company to a company with a number of drug candidates in its product portfolio. She has been a consultant with her own company since December 2013. Cristina is a member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences (IVA).
Other assignments: Cristina Glad is a board member at Ideonfonden AB, Medeon Aktiebolag, Preelumina Diagnostics AB, and RhoVac AB, and since December 2012 has owned and run C Glad Consulting AB, where she is the sole board member. In addition to her board role, Cristina is also a consultant for the Company.
Previous assignments in the last five years: Cristina Glad has been CEO and deputy CEO of BioInvent International AB and has also been a board member at BioInvent Finans AB.
Holding: 9,141 shares and 6,286 warrants 2015/2018.
Magnus Gram
Magnus Gram
Deputy board member

Deputy board member since June 2012.
Born: 1980
Education and experience: Magnus Gram is a doctor of medical science, researcher and project manager. Magnus Gram is one of the inventors and founders of A1M Pharma. Magnus has also provided the inspiration for several of the A1M protein’s medical applications and is responsible for a number of patents/patent applications within the Company’s medical field. Other assignments: Magnus Gram has been a deputy board member at the subsidiary Preelumina Diagnostics AB since 2012.
Previous assignments in the last five years: Magnus Gram has no partnerships over five per cent and has had no partnerships over five per cent in the last five years. Magnus Gram has no completed assignments.
Holding: 37,953 shares together with related parties and 2,514 warrants 2015/2018.
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