Tomas Eriksson
Tomas Eriksson

CEO since June 2008.
Employed since June 2008.
Born: 1964
Education and experience: Tomas Eriksson has a bachelor degree from Lund University, specialising in business administration, and has worked as a business developer and project manager with particular focus on early development life science companies. He also has extensive experience from leading positions in the field of medical technology and diagnostics, including: Area Manager at Gambro AB, Sales Manager at Nordic Bioscience (Denmark), and Sales & Marketing Director at Magle Life Science AB.
Other assignments: Tomas Eriksson is chairman of the board at Finja Founders AB and Merozyne Therapeutics AB, and a board member at Enorama Pharma AB, Finja Five AB, and Kombinator Affärsutveckling AB. Tomas is CEO of the Company’s subsidiary, Preelumina Diagnostics AB. He also owns Kombinator O.B. and Kombinator Affärsutveckling AB, and is a partner in Finja Five AB (10 per cent) and Swede Unipharma AB (17 per cent).
Previous assignments in the last five years: Tomas Eriksson has previously been CEO of Lund University Bioscience AB, a board member at WC Likvid AB and Ximmune AB, and chairman of the board at Termino C 243 AB.
Holding: 84,515 shares in the Company, directly and through a wholly-owned company. Tomas Eriksson also holds 18,859 warrants 2015/2018.
Eddie Thordarson
Eddie Thordarson
Head of Development

Head of Development since November 2015.
Employed since November 2015.
Born: 1969
Education and experience: PhD in Chemistry from Lund University. Eddie Thordarson has had his own company within development and production of advanced technical equipment for analysis, and for the past 15 years has worked in development, marketing and management at a number of companies. Eddie joined A1M Pharma from the position of CEO at Magle AB, which develops medtech products for, among other areas, surgical hemostasis and interventional radiology. During this period he also had a board assignment at Nicachet AB.
Other assignments: Eddie Thordarson owns Eddie Thordarson Holding AB.
Previous assignments in the last five years: Eddie Thordarson has previously been CEO at Magle AB. Eddie has been a deputy board member at DCG Nordic AB. He has had no completed partnerships over five per cent in the last five years.
Holding: 18,000 shares and 12,572 warrants 2015/2018.
Martin Austin
Martin Austin
Business Development Director

Business Development Director since 2011.
Born: 1952
Education and experience: Martin Austin is an international expert on finance, strategy and business development in sectors including pharmaceuticals, biotechnology and medical technology. Martin has over 35 years’ experience in the pharmaceutical industry.
Other assignments: Martin Austin is chairman of the board at Preelumina Diagnostics AB and Zestagen SA, a board member at Algipharma SA, Devirex AG, and RSA AG, as well as a partner in MarraM Sarl. He is also an adviser to a number of boards and investment funds, as well as course director for the Centre for Executive Leadership for the Pharmaceutical Industry in Brussels. Martin is the owner and managing director of TransformRx GmbH. In addition to his board role, Martin is also a consultant for the Company.
Previous assignments in the last five years: Martin Austin has previously served as business development manager for the pharmaceutical division at Roche and was a member of the management team at Paul Capital Partners. He has been a director of several start-up companies and is also an adviser to a number of boards and investment funds.
Holding: 25,711 shares, 6,286 warrants 2015/2018.
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