Tomas Eriksson
Tomas Eriksson

CEO since June 2008.
Employed since June 2008.
Born: 1964
Education and experience: Tomas Eriksson has a bachelor degree from Lund University, specialising in business administration, and has worked as a business developer and project manager with particular focus on early development life science companies. He also has extensive experience from leading positions in the field of medical technology and diagnostics, including: Area Manager at Gambro AB, Sales Manager at Nordic Bioscience (Denmark), and Sales & Marketing Director at Magle Life Science AB.
Other assignments: Tomas Eriksson is chairman of the board at Finja Founders AB and Merozyne Therapeutics AB, and a board member at Enorama Pharma AB, Finja Five AB, and Kombinator Affärsutveckling AB. Tomas is CEO of the Company’s subsidiary, Preelumina Diagnostics AB. He also owns Kombinator O.B. and Kombinator Affärsutveckling AB, and is a partner in Finja Five AB (10 per cent) and Swede Unipharma AB (17 per cent).
Previous assignments in the last five years: Tomas Eriksson has previously been CEO of Lund University Bioscience AB, a board member at WC Likvid AB and Ximmune AB, and chairman of the board at Termino C 243 AB.
Holding: 84,515 shares in the Company, directly and through a wholly-owned company. Tomas Eriksson also holds 18,859 warrants 2015/2018.
Fredrik Werner
Fredrik Werner 

CFO since Mars 2018.
Born: 1966
Education and experience: Bachelor degree specialising in business administration. Fredrik Werner has long experience from leading positions in life science. Previous roles include CEO of Airsonett AB, CFO at BoneSupport AB and Management Consultant at PwC.
Other assignments: Consultancy within FOC Venture.
Previous assignments in the last five years: CEO at Airsonett AB
Holding: 0 shares
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