A1M Pharma has five international patent families:
  • Patents on medical use of A1M
  • Patents for diagnostic method and treatment of pre-eclampsia
  • Patent for mitochondrial-related diseases
  • Patent for protection of the substance A1M and A1M-related proteins – application filed
  • A1M for kidney diseases – application filed
A detailed description of the patent families is provided below. We have also filed applications for substance patents for the drug candidate RMC-035/ROSgard™ on major markets. Approvals of these applications would significantly strengthen A1M Pharma’s intellectual property protection. It is the Board’s assessment that A1M Pharma is dependent on patents to be able to maintain an advantage over potential future competitors, as well as to safeguard the value of A1M Pharma. We are also dependent on patents for continued protection of existing and future products. We conduct patent work based on an internally established patent strategy that includes all the technologies and markets of relevance for the company. An approved patent has a term of 20 years from the date on which the application is filed.

Simplified overview of patents
We have patent applications being considered on most of the world’s major markets. The overall patent portfolio contains five patent families as described below:

Patent family 1: Patents on medical use of A1M
A patent on medical use of A1M has been approved in the majority of countries in Europe, as well as in Japan and Australia. The patent is based on A1M Pharma’s ability to “clear away” toxic substances and waste products that damage cells and connective tissue. The patent includes use of A1M for treatment of six groups of disorders caused by elevated levels of these toxic substances in the body, so-called oxidative stress.
The six groups are:
  1. Infection and inflammation
  2. Cardiovascular diseases
  3. Internal bleeding
  4. Radiation diseases
  5. Children’s and women’s diseases
  6. Injuries in premature babiesn
Patent family 2: Patents for diagnostic method and treatment of pre-eclampsia
This patent family includes a total of three separate patents. Two patents for diagnostic method for pre-eclampsia have been approved in the majority of countries in Europe, Japan, Australia, Russia, Mexico, New Zealand, South Korea, the USA and South Africa.
One patent concerns fetal hemoglobin (HbF) and the endogenous protein A1M in combination as early diagnostic markers of pre-eclampsia. An extended diagnostic and prediction patent was filed in 2016.

Patent family 3: Patent for mitochondrial-related diseases
A patent for mitochondrial-related diseases has been approved in the majority of countries in Europe, New Zealand and Singapore. The patent covers the use of the Company’s drug candidate A1M for treatment of mitochondrial-related diseases. This is the company’s first patent within the patent portfolio for mitochondrial-related diseases and is valid up to and including 4 September 2033.

Patent family 4: Patent for protection of the substance A1M and A1M-related proteins
A patent application for protection of all manufacture and production of A1M-related proteins was filed during Q1 2016.

Patent family 5: A1M for kidney diseases
A patent application was filed in 2016 for protection against kidney injuries with A1M that, among other things, includes kidney protection in connection with radiation therapy for neuroendocrine cancerous tumours, or Peptide Receptor Radionuclide Therapy.

Trademark protection
A1M Pharma owns the EU trademark nr 015904246 regarding the company’s logotype. Trademark protection has also been applied for in countries that play an important strategic role. In the same countries, trademark protection for the name ROSgard is also pending.
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