Share information

Share information

A1M Pharma AB is listed on Nasdaq First North since 20 June 2017. The share is traded under the ticker A1M (ISIN code: SE0009973357). Before that date, the company was listed on Aktietorget since 3 April 2013. The share capital amounts to SEK 41,493,687.40 divided on 103,734,196 shares forming a single series. All shares have a quota value of SEK 0.40; each share entitles to one vote and an equal claim on the company's assets and profits.

First North
First North is an alternative stock exchange, operated by the different exchanges within NASDAQ OMX. It does not have the same legal status as a regulated market. Companies on First North are subject to the rules of First North and not the legal requirements for admission to trading on a regulated market. An investment in a company traded on Nasdaq First North is more risky than a company traded on a regulated market. All companies whose shares are traded on First North have a Certified Adviser to oversee compliance with the rules of First North regarding information disclosure to investors and the market. A Certified Adviser oversees the company about to be listed on First North.


All shares are entitled to the same dividend. Distribution of dividend, if any, is decided by the Annual General Meeting and paid thereafter. Payment of dividend is processed by Euroclear Sweden AB. Normally, withholding tax is deducted from dividend payments by Euroclear, or, in the case of nominee-registered shares, in accordance with each nominee’s procedures. In the event that distribution of dividend is decided, shareholders that are recorded in the shareholder register maintained by Euroclear on the record date determined at the Annual General Meeting are entitled to payment. In the event of liquidation, shareholders are entitled to a share in the surplus in proportion to the number of shares they own. Should a shareholder be unreachable through Euroclear, the shareholder’s claim on the company regarding dividend amounts will remain and only be restricted by limitation regulations. At the end of the limitation period, the dividend amount will accrue to the company.

There are no restrictions or special procedures pertaining to dividends for shareholders not resident in Sweden. Payment is processed by Euroclear in the same way as for shareholder's resident in Sweden. Shareholders that are not tax resident in Sweden will, however, be subject to the ordinary Swedish withholding tax.

According to the Swedish Companies Act, a shareholder with control over more than 90 percent of the shares is entitled to acquire the remaining outstanding shares through a compulsory acquisition procedure. The minority shareholders have a corresponding right to have their shares redeemed by the majority shareholder.

The company is subject to the Swedish Corporate Governance Board's rules concerning mandatory bids and public offers to shareholders in companies listed on Nasdaq First North (Takeover Rules for Certain Trading Platforms). According to these rules, a shareholder whose ownership reaches or exceeds 30 percent of the votes is required to make a public offer to acquire all outstanding shares of the company.


Avanza Pension 13 909 827 13,41 %
M2 Asset Management AB 6 097 776 5,88 %
Danica Pension 6 007 935 5,79 %
Fredrik Olsson* 2 698 028 2,60 %
Wilhelm Risberg 2 270 383 2,19 %
Galba Holding AB 2 207 856 1,96 %
UBS Switzerland AG, W8IMY 1 825 836 1,76 %
Nordnet Pensionsförsäkring AB 1 559 203 1,50 %
Håkan Nilsson 1 349 651 1,30 %
Handelsbanken Liv 1 244 309 1,20 %
Övriga 64 738 652 62,41 %
Totalt 103 734 196 100 %


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